Can Pouliquen

Ph.D. student in Machine Learning

Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon

can.pouliquen \AT\ ens-lyon \DOT\ fr

Last update: November 2023

Quick bio

hey it's me

Hello ! I am a 1st year PhD student in Machine Learning at the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon under the supervision of Mathurin Massias, Titouan Vayer and Paulo Gonçalves. I am a part of OCKHAM, a joint team of Inria1 and CNRS2, led by Rémi Gribonval.

Previously, I was a research intern in Deep Learning in the NeuroAI team of CERCO, a CNRS lab in Toulouse3, under the supervision of Andrea Alamia and Rufin VanRullen, where I had the opportunity to work on the oscillatory dynamics of artificial neural networks under some biological feasibility constraints.

Before that, we may have met in Berlin, Montpellier, Lyon, Istanbul, Beyrouth, Amman or Cairo. Hit me up if that's the case !

Outside of research, I enjoy hiking, running, food, beers, and "la belle vie" with my girlfriend4.

  1. French national institute of research in informatics and applied mathematics
  2. French national center of scientific research
  3. The "pink city" in beautiful South-West, France
  4. The picture above is us on top of the Ben Nevis, Scotland


I am currently working on large-scale optimization for statistical machine learning in the context of sparse graph inference.

A bit more formally, given an empirical covariance matrix \(S \in \mathbb{R}^{p \times p}\) of a dataset of \(n\) random vectors \( x_i \sim \mathcal{N}^p(\mu, \Sigma) \), I am interested in estimating \( \Theta = \Sigma^{-1}\) (called precision matrix) with a sparsity prior.

I have a particular interest in applications to neuroscience problems.

Here is a list of links to my publications:


ENS de Lyon: Convex optimization M1 (2023-2024)
TA of Mathurin Massias, 12h

Ecole Centrale de Lyon: Probability theory L3 (2023-2024)
TA of Céline Helbert and Christophette Blanchet, 32h



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